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basic algebra techniques for foundation, intermediate and senior phase grade1-12

I am kin of making basic algebra a walk over in all global Curriculums through the use of the ndl carpet. This is a collusion of the origin of basic algebra techniques, precept building and target shooting strictly without calculation . This is entrodused from elementary level and I hope the world will do better if advanced classes adopt this approach.
We create a tangible, practical world for Students, promote Learners independence, make every Learner a genius, enhance active and passive learning, engage Learners more than Teachers. This changes teaching into consultation. All global basic algebra techniques are changed through the ndl carpet to easier versions. This introduce Mathematics practicals. It is object orientated and has numerous learning landmarks. I love doing computations without calculation and enjoy introducing this from elementary level. It is unfair for elementary, and intermediate phase to use formulas and omit the art in basic algebra. We accommodate a three dimensional view and work as a team in rewriting basic algebra. There are numerous Consultants and I appreciate talking and demonstrating theese priceless Mathematics. The greatest adventure is in converting common algorithms to rare algorithms. I therefore applaud all the Students who where struggling with Mathematics in choosing me to assist, I did not sort for a temporary solution but made a review which humbles basic algebra. Students can work, play and excel in Mathematics. I am Ntshetshere DL
Role: Tutor
Age: 55
Gender: M
Subjects taught: Algebra
Qualifications: This model enables language Teachers without a Mathematics working background to teach Mathematics. The Mathematics is made insignificant and language takes presedence. For this reason the project is often called 'language number 6501'. The model overwrite qualifications through its uniqueness and potential to create easier basic algorithms. It is a new school altogether. Most have been done and new topics are converted through the ndl carpet.
Languages spoken: English
Education level: Not specified
Teaching levels: College/University
Hourly fee (US$) min: 10 max: 200
Fee and payment details: The topics varies, more effort have been made in breaking down the abstracts and very few are oblivious. Groups are encouraged to request a visual demonstration of the ndl carpet.
Time table: I will be available on daily basis for 24hours due to relief of the ndl carpet Principal Consultants and the determination to work and be relevant to all time differences.
Country: South Africa         State/Province: Limpopo PROVINCE
Zip Code: 0611
Max distance: Only online or tutor's home/office
Tutoring mode: Online
Experience: The ndl carpet is a model which can be tried and tested in any curriculum through an impact evaluation. It is ideal for various Basic Mathematics Departments, Curriculum Advisors, Artificial Intelligence, Teachers, Tutors, Translators, Students, Parents etc. The project changes basic algebra into its easiest form using the ndl carpet. All Foundation, Intermediate and Senior phase challenges will be made extremely easy through changing precepts, algorithms, definitions, revealing the origin and rewriting the easiest version. All algebra topics which have not being changed will be subjected to change. Changed topics are made teaching aid. This is continous with effect from 1 January 2013. I discard everything I learned in basic algebra and start on a new page. The resolution surprised me, my neighborhood and you are next.
Nbr. years experience: 34
Current occupation: Other
Reason for tutoring: Primary job
Available for contract: Yes
Time since last visit: 5 months (2024-02-09 18:02 UTC)