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Alevel maths(9709) , Physics(9702) TEACHER

With a strong background in A-level Maths and Physics, I have developed a deep understanding of these subjects, allowing me to excel in both academic and teaching environments. My passion for these disciplines is matched by my dedication to helping students achieve their best results. Over the past year, I have gained valuable experience as an assistant teacher, which has equipped me with the skills and insights necessary to support students in their learning journeys.

One of my key strengths is my ability to simplify complex concepts and present them in an easily digestible manner. This is particularly crucial in subjects like Maths and Physics, where students often struggle with abstract ideas and intricate problem-solving techniques. By breaking down problems into manageable steps and using clear, concise explanations, I help students build a solid foundation of understanding. My approach not only makes learning more accessible but also boosts students' confidence in their abilities.
Role: Tutor
Age: 20
Gender: M
Subjects taught: Algebra, Differential equations, Other Physics Subjects
Qualifications: I have done my O/A level and score really well in my teaching subjects and currently getting into university
Languages spoken: English, Hindi-Urdu
Education level: Undergraduate student
Teaching levels: High school
Hourly fee (US$) min: 10 max: 30
Fee and payment details: Advance fees will be submitted before and then continue with monthly
Time table: will be announce
Country: Pakistan         State/Province: sindh
Zip Code: 75850
Max distance: 15 Miles
Tutoring mode: Online, S-home
Experience: i have 1 year of experienced
Nbr. years experience: 1
Current occupation: Online Tutor
Reason for tutoring: Keeping active
Available for contract: No
Time since last visit: 3 weeks (2024-06-30 20:37 UTC)